Church Leadership

The Consistory provides for the management of the church and its resources. Consistory meets monthly the second Thursday of the month. Members of Grace Church elect the Consistory. The Consistory serves two year terms. They set governing standards by which Grace Church is run.

The Elders and Deacons make up the consistory. The Elders have the responsibility for the spiritual well-being of the congregation and to provide support and counsel for the Pastor. The Deacons have the responsibility for the church’s finances. Both groups provide for the management of the church.

Consistory 2022


  • Cindy Reifsnider, President
  • Ellen Lawrence, Vice President
  • Lee Ann Peck
  • Elaine Miles


  • Gill Grady, Chief Deacon
  • Douglas Heck
  • Rhonda Atwell


  • Grace Poole


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