Pastor’s Page

The love of God has inspired the congregation of Grace Church for over 250 years. This church has blossomed from a small gathering of German-speaking people in 1756 to the congregation of faithful witnesses we are today. The church is proud of its heritage and its ability to serve the people of Taneytown in the name of Christ. We strive to move ahead carrying the vision of serving God by serving others in our community, nation, and world as God grants us the ability.

The ministry of this congregation focuses on serving children, youth, and adults of all walks of life with love, compassion, support, and friendship. Our faith is strengthened through worship, Christian formation, mission, and fellowship, relying on the Spirit of God to be our guide in hearing the ‘still speaking’ voice of God in Scripture. We seek to live out the teachings of Christ which bring transformation and salvation to this life of faith and celebration while we entrust ourselves to God who is our eternal home.

May God bless all who join with us in this faithful endeavor.

— Pastor Steve


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